From chatrooms to Snapchat!

When Instant Messaging ¬†first made its way through Yahoo and MSN, it was pretty unthinkable that someday humans would be on a train or the beach and share live updates! It has got the world closer more than we ever imagined and smaller too. News spreading like wildfire have been labeled “viral” and chats are not limited to IMs but video chats across time zones and continents.

That has been the power of Emerging Media which has continuously evolved with needs and innovation. With this growth and evolvement of media, it has become absolutely necessary for marketers to keep up the engagement level with their audience. Every minute there is a scope of communication, and there is a scope of purchasing decisions being influenced.

In a poll conducted by Smart Insights, some of the digital marketing techniques were identified which were considered crucial for businesses. The chart below shows the very interesting findings of the poll.


With so many avenues of the mode of communicating it will be fascinating to learn how to fit marketing needs and the various emerging media in an IMC campaign.