Embracing Emerging Media

The last 8 weeks have been extremely overwhelming but undoubtedly an extremely learning experience and opened my world to Emerging Media which was limited to only social media till I explored more about IoT, Voice- Search Assistants, Wearable Technology to name a few. Today we have access to not just information but digital marketing tools that are convenient to use and can also support marketing to develop and implement creative plans based on the findings.


Image Source: Smart Insights

The research, discussions, writing assignments and the lessons led me to explore in detail some of the key aspects of Emerging Media which as a marketer I plan to consider and implement whenever possible while developing a marketing strategy. While all the different aspects are key in context to a successful 360-degree communication plan, but there are few areas which I may have overlooked before but intend to consciously consider in future. These are as follows :

Data Security & Data Privacy – Include more communication to the target audience on how as an organization, we intend to protect customer data and value them. At the same time, communicate clearly with transparent and easy to understand disclosure on how the customer will have opt-in and opt-out choices in receiving

Internet of Things– Explore different opportunities to take branding through the IoT route. Explore opportunities with Smart Cities, Smart Parks, Smart Shopping Malls, Smart Events, including business networking or conventions where B2B branding can be initiated through smart kiosks that help locate booths, events, or schedules etc.

Live Streaming – Live video streaming of webinars, events, product launches, user/ customer experiences, communication during crisis situations would play a key role in any communications strategy.

Voice- Search Enhanced Content – Content creation that is voice- search optimized along with local search enhanced through long tailed keywords. While in Business to Business communication, voice- search is yet to the momentum, however, the focus on content creation should be after a deep understanding of consumer pain points that they often come across, which in all likelihood is what the consumer is going to ask a voice- search assistant about.

Emerging Media Analytics – While a gamut of emerging media routes and channels can be incorporated into branding initiatives, but it is also important that how these routes are going to be measured for impact analysis forms a crucial part of the entire strategy. Clear impact analysis and measurement through several analytics tools have to be defined in the plan.

A huge thank you to my classmates and Professor Marisa for sharing their views, examples, and insights, which helped me embrace emerging media that today forms an integral part of any IMC strategy.


3 thoughts on “Embracing Emerging Media

  1. I think you’ve captured perfectly the core of our amazing IMC 619 experience and the possibilities that exist for us, as marketing professionals, to implement.
    I wouldn’t add a word and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, Mahua.


  2. Good lineup of the digital marketing tools. Internet of things is a powerful tool enabling easy exchange of data in real time. This will give businesses immense strength to tailor fit their marketing strategies for their specific client segments.

    Great reading. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. You have touched upon all the essential elements of Emerging Media here.Data Security is of paramount importance in this digital age.It is vital for businesses of all sizes – big or small.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!


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