Globalization of Emerging Media

For global brands getting into an emerging economy or a new geography is always a deliberation of whether to invest in the amalgamation of the local environment or stay with its global positioning.

With emerging media bringing the world closer, and cultural melting pot seeing existence in the virtual world, marketers’ job of  global brands’ messaging has got a little bit easier especially among the internet- savvy, educated urban societies of the world irrespective of the country. A majority of the brands which may not have been launched in  particular geography may already be building a brand recognition, thanks to the global audience being exposed to trending topics in social media. Globally consumers are more connected than ever, and mobile devices are increasingly becoming a way of life for the upper middle class in developing economies. A 2016 Nielson report came up with some interesting facts on the trends of mobile usage in different geographies where Asia- Pacific seems to be the leading user mobile devices for purchases. In a study by Experian in 2013 in China, it was found that “The most common tactics in use are SMS campaigns (with 71% of marketers using this tactic), m-commerce (64%) and mobile-optimised websites (60%).” 

Source : Nielson

The reach of social media and mobile marketing is no more limited to developed economies but rather touching the lives of people in remotest of places. In rural and tier- 3 towns in India, smaller brands who sell basic smartphones predict that this group will make up 60% of the mobile phone market thus increased the potential of penetration of emerging media in the rural environment.

So while before the age of social media ALS Ice Bucket challenge would have been limited to the western world, but it was due to social media it reached Philipines, Taiwan, Srilanka, India and many other geographies that one may not have quite expected.



2 thoughts on “Globalization of Emerging Media

  1. The world is definitely getting closer and closer.Globalization, Emerging media and social media is lending a helping hand. I see a great reach of this medium in rural India.


  2. Those are some fascinating numbers that you found! I am so surprised to find out that geographically, Asian-Pacific individuals seem to make the most purchases from mobile devices. I don’t know if I am more surprised by Asian-Pacific being first in that category, or by how low on the list North America ranks. I see so many people that seemingly live life attached to their mobile devices, so I can’t even imagine that other parts of the world would use their mobile devices more to make purchases than folks in North America. That is just incredible!


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