How Social Media could kill Consumer Relationship.

Yes. There is no denying that social media is building a level of consumer relationship that would have been unimaginable. Relationships are real time, personable, and in most cases extremely engaging.

Source: Adweek

Social media is transforming CRM, with increasing expectation from brands to be more involved and responsive. One in four Facebook and Twitter users feel brands should respond to their complaints in social media in an hour! With this level of engagement, it is not impossible for social media to actually kill a brand’s relationship with its consumer. Here’s how –

Lack of synchronized social media presence : Consider this. You have one brand under one parent company but have multiple social accounts in multiple social networks. There are high chances you will miss conversations. Thus it is important to synchronize teams with social media presence, with proper assignment of teams to handle the different categories of customer relationship and customer service.

Enhanced Social Media Management Process : There will be different levels of consumer involvement or complaints. An organization should have a structure and process that does not delay the responses. Teams that are assigned to manage different categories should also have a seamless response management approval process.

Integrating CRM system with Social Media : Imagine if a customer who has a complaint on social media, and the social media team doesn’t have a system to track if this customer is one-time or a regular customer? 66% of social media users expect same day response to their inquiries, thus integrating social media platform with CRM system is almost unavoidable if you want to be able to be able to link consumer social profile with consumer information, to continue to build that relationship with the loyal customer who is also on social media and is engaging with you.

Lack of Real-time engagement during a crisis : This one can be the ultimate suicide for any brand when it comes to customer relationship management. The Home Depot’s “closed-door crisis management” during its security breach did not help the brand. There was no engagement on social media in real – time which could have been a huge opportunity for The Home Depot to address its customers directly.

A Hootsuite report states that only 36% of consumer who sent an inquiry through social media reported having their issue resolved quickly. Deloitte maps the customer journey very interestingly where (for most consumer product category) the following are the key milestones in their journey, and where social media engagement could thus play a huge role in the final decision.

  • Finding Inspiration
  • Browsing and Research
  • Selection and Validation


Thus there is no way a brand could afford to miss any possible gaps that have the potential to kill the brand just because of  lack of a proper social media management strategy.


One thought on “How Social Media could kill Consumer Relationship.

  1. In this day and age of instant gratification, consumers want their problems resolved the moment it happens. However, consumers should realize that humans are on the other end and can make errors. Issues should be resolved quickly to the satisfaction of the customer and occasionally that takes time and research to find the root cause of the issue.


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