Why should Small Business think mobile?

It has been predicted that small businesses will see a major push towards digital marketing and this shift would empower businesses to reach potential customers better than it has ever done. While small businesses may already have realized the need and moved towards web presence and social media, there is a considerable gap in having a mobile presence. Here’s why small businesses should consider mobile marketing – NOW!

  • The opportunity of appearing in mobile searches is higher in the local area when mobile users search for similar business. If the small business’s website or blog is mobile responsive – the chances of appearing in a search is higher. It is estimated that 97 percent of Internet users search for local good and services online, and 3 out of 4 people have found a business online and contacted them. This serves as a perfect lead generation.
  • Easy payment options through the use of mobile will enable potential customers to draw customers.
  • Small businesses cannot afford to miss out on reaching the huge potential consumer segment between the 16-35 yr old range.Social media presence through mobile-only platforms like Snapchat and Periscope can boost the branding to a huge extent. 41% of 18- to 34-year-olds use Snapchat, according to the company.while Periscope has 10 million registered users according to Teen Safe, that primarily targets the 16-24 yr old age group. And of course, this is besides the potential from other social media platforms which are accessed through mobile as well to a large extent.
  • Promotional push to sell strategies through mobile are more prone to attract customers than the traditional print coupon mailers in mailboxes. Consider this – how many times have you actually saved print coupons that land your mailbox and how many times have you used coupons you accessed from your mobile? Statista predicted mobile coupon will see 126.9 million users in 2016 vis a vis 112.5 mn users in 2014.You don’t want to lose out those opportunities!

Mobile Marketing for small business is not merely an enhancement but a must implementation to tap a market that is moving towards mobility at a speed we never predicted!



One thought on “Why should Small Business think mobile?

  1. About 10 years ago, I used to gauge my interest in a company based on their website. As someone who grew up with technology, I placed great value on companies that invested in the tech that I (their target consumer) was using. Now I use mobile websites to decide. It’s not a black and white decision, but if a company doesn’t have a moble/responsive site, I’m less likely to be a patron.


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