So you can officially log in to your Facebook account at work ! Facebook launched its business edition last month – Workplace, after an 18-month beta testing, and has been adopted by 1000 companies already.

Facebook has kept the pricing pretty reasonable (with 3 months free trial) with $3 per user for the first 1,000 active users followed by $2 per user for the next 9000 active users, and $1 for each additional user. Some of the key features  include unlimited photo/file/ video storage, unlimited project group and team creation, live video streaming, secure collaboration between companies, integration with a number of identity providers for user authentication.

Source : Fortune

This seems to be a great platform for organizations to connect with their employees and an opportunity for internal branding, communications, and employee engagement. As employee engagement worldwide becomes a huge concern with organizations – with only 13% of employees being engaged worldwide, and 33% engaged employees in U.S., organizations continuously need to find ways to connect with their employees regularly. Workplace could be a useful platform for Human Resource, Talent Development, and Internal Communications teams, to host a slew of initiatives to gauge employee interest and engagement, besides the day to day functioning, organizing and collaborating.

Workplace, is simple to use, and the service is not connected to an employee’s personal Facebook account. Just like the regular Facebook page, Workplace has a news feed that features articles, updates, comments, that can be relevant to certain teams or even the whole company, the Live service can be used to live broadcast organizational announcements, and employees can form private groups and invite business partners (vendors / clients/ partners) who aren’t official employees.

It will be interesting to see how Workplace shapes up vis a vis Slack (who integrated with Salesforce) which has been a popular and successful platform for workplace and team collaboration.


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